What is Cancer?

Lets begin by shaping cancer and searching at a number of the statistics and also the inevitable risk of you or a loved one obtaining cancer.

Cancer could be a generic term for an outsizes cluster of diseases that may have an effect on any a part of the body and is commonly spoken as “malignant tumors”. the most feature of cancer is that the speedy creation of abnormal cells that grow on the far side their usual boundaries, forming malignant tumors.  These tumors invariably invade conterminous elements of the body and distribute  to different organs, that is typically the explanation for death.

There AR regarding ten.9 million new incidences of cancer each year worldwide and regarding half-dozen.7 million deaths a year from cancer. there’s still associate  upward trend in most of the western countries wherever folks live a “Modern Lifestyle“, with one in four adults expected to urge some kind of cancer in their time period. Are you or one among st your darling ones a cancer candidate?

We all have Cancer!

Did you recognize that each one among st USA has cancer cells in our body, however most folks are not even responsive to it. that’s attributable to the bodies superb system that  continuously patrols our body and eliminates foreign invaders, together with the freshly forming cancer cells. but if the system gets compromised in any means, then it cannot management the cancer cells and that they become established sometimes leading to one kind of cancer or another. typically the cancer might are developing  over a few years before it’s known.

However, several doctors use this threat of urgency to rush you into a particular cancer treatment regime of their alternative, which can not be the simplest treatment for you. Unfortunately, most folks AR unaware of the varied treatment choices offered and blindly trust our doctors, oncologists and specialists to create the selection for USA.

Regrettably, a awfully sensible friend of mine did that once his partner was diagnosed with liver disease, and she or he suffered devastating pain, uncontrollable nausea, loss of  hair and different bodily functions, and eventually died untimely from the therapy. He is aware of currently that he might have prevented that and she or he might have regained her health and welfare if he had been responsive to the offered “natural cancer treatments”.

Once you’ve got the “Awareness and Knowledge” regarding Cancer and also the offered treatments then you’ll be able to participate therein call, finally it is your LIFE.

So what’s the most reason for our Immune Systems being compromised?

The “Modern Lifestyles” most folks live!

Main explanation for Cancer

Cancer could be a “Modern Lifestyle” illness that’s in the main caused by the trying and unhealthful lifestyles we tend to live.

It’s associate indisputable fact that during this epoch that we tend to live in, everybody folks is exposed to a unhealthful and acidic onslaught, each moment of our lives. Most folks AR exposed to unhealthful air and pollution, quick cooked fatty foods, processed foods, malignant neoplastic disease stuffed groceries, sugar stuffed foods and drinks, fruit and vegetables fully grown in chemical poisoned soil; alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, prescription and recreational medicine to say the most culprits.  This is exacerbated by the large stress levels that almost all folks ar laid low with, that end in associate acidic inner tract. In addition we tend to are baby-faced with unhealthful product in our homes, with some menage cleansers, tending and cosmetic product having malignant neoplastic disease ingredients, and what we tend to eat and drink is considerably acidic, with most “processed” and “convenience” foods containing unhealthful additives.

Very few of the fashionable day chronic diseases, together with cancer, were common simply 100 years gone and AR unquestionably caused by our trendy lifestyles. As a matter of truth the cancer rate a hundred years gone was one in eight,000 whereas these days it’s one out of each four adult persons. This correlates directly with the rise within the use of acidic foods and unhealthful chemicals and pollution.

Carcinogens – the Cancer Curse

It is a incontrovertible fact that “carcinogens” cause cancer. therefore the question is, “How exposed AR we tend to to those cancer inflicting chemicals?” The following statement is off the record book.org web site UN agency monitor pollution within the USA. “Over four billion pounds of unhealthful chemicals AR free by trade into the nation’s surroundings every year, together with seventy two million pounds of recognized carcinogens”. Friends of the Earth’s analysis of the surroundings Agency’s Pollution Inventory shows that Britain’s biggest factories AR still cathartic over ten,000 tonnes of cancer-causing chemicals into the air each year.

Cancer Treatments:

Hopefully you’ve got a stronger plan of what causes cancer and what you wish to avoid, to forestall cancer. sadly not everyone seems to be ready to forestall obtaining cancer thus let’s investigate  the cancer treatment choices that AR offered to you if you or a loved one AR diagnosed with cancer. The first factor to recollect is that cancer isn’t a “Death Sentence” and may be with success treated, particularly if it’s detected early.

“Early Detection”

Obviously bar is that the main goal however “early detection” is that the next best various. there’s a superb Cancer check that may discover cancer long before the symptoms become apparent, and considerably improve the possibilities of a palmy recovery. The check is named the boustrophedon excretory product Cancer check, and utilities the “abnormally dividing cells” conception that may tell you the relative variety or level of those cells in spite of wherever they’re in your body or wherever they started. This check is additionally terribly helpful to trace the progress of any cancer treatment that you simply could be undergoing, to ascertain if it’s with success treating the illness or not.

Conventional Treatment :

In the USA and most different developed countries round the world that apply “modern medicine”, they need adopted a “standard cancer treatment” regime that each one typical doctors, oncologists and different cancer carers should adhere to and administer.

This entails 3 treatments that AR typically utilized in conjunction.

• Surgery, to chop out tumors

• Radiation, to burn the tumors

• therapy, to poison and kill the cancer cells (and sadly – healthy cells)

I counsel you are doing your own analysis on these treatments to modify you to assess their effectiveness and success rates, but here ar some pointers from credible doctors and cancer  researchers to start out your analysis method. It is necessary to notice that cancer is that the biggest and most moneymaking “Disease Business” within the world, primarily controlled by “Big Pharma”, calculable to be a lot of that a $trillion a year. An article within the Journal of the yank Medical Association  recently declared that oncologists  build a mean of $253,000 a year, of that seventy fifth is  profit from therapy medicine administered in their offices.

Here is what others had to say:

“As a chemist trained to interpret information, it’s incomprehensible to American state that physicians will ignore the clear proof that therapy will a lot of, far more damage than sensible.”Alan C. Nixon, Ph.D., Past President, yank Chemical Society”As a matter of truth there’s proof that the future survival rate of cancer patients treated with therapy is between three-dimensional and 6 June 1944 whereas most of the simplest various treatments have a proved survival rate of between five hundredth and seventieth once used alone, but exploitation combos of those various therapies that you simply can get access to in Bill Henderson’s book, “Cancer Free”-Your Guide to mild Non-toxic Healing”, boosts survival rates to an incredible ninetieth.”This is however Ty Bolinger, author of “Cancer – Step Outside the Box” defines therapy.

“Chemotherapy is unhealthful, malignant neoplastic disease (causes cancer), destroys red blood cells, devastates the system, and kills important organs. however unhealthful is chemotherapy? consider it… your hair falls out, your system is destroyed, you’re perpetually sick, you get sick and vomit, you’re perpetually dizzy, and you’ve got severe headaches.” It is “mind boggling” and unbelievable to simply accept that cancer are often treated with “carcinogens”, that AR illustrious to cause cancer? clearly the oncologists in metropolis believe thus too.

“A recent survey of the sixty four oncologists on the workers at McGill Cancer medical aid Center in metropolis found that fifty eight of them (91%) same they’d not take therapy or enable their family members to require it for cancer treatment. Why not? Too unhealthful and not effective. Today, seventy fifth of cancer patients AR administered therapy.” Then the ultimate word comes from the extremely revered and knowledgeable about Dr astronaut Warner.

Dr. astronaut Warner could be a board certified medical specialist and one among st the foremost extremely qualified cancer specialist within the metropolis space. He uses various treatments on his cancer patients with nice success. He has over one,000 extant cancer patients. On the treatment of cancer during this country he said: “We have a multi-billion dollar trade that’s killing folks, right  and left, only for gain. Their plan of analysis is to ascertain whether or not 2 doses of this poison is healthier than 3 doses of that poison.” So lets investigate a number of the “Alternative Treatment” choices mentioned by Dr astronaut Warner.

Alternative Treatments:

Contrary to current medical rhetoric and “modern medicines” perverted claims, the explanation for cancer is simple to grasp and is quickly preventable and reversible while not the harmful “modern medicine” therapies used as commonplace treatments in most countries – surgery (slash), radiation and therapy . “It is pretty clear from all the analysis I actually have done that almost all cancers are often prevented by correct diet, supplements and exercise.” – Bill Henderson in his book “Cancer Cure – Your Guide to mild Non-Toxic Healing”. Nobel Prize Winner Dr Otto War burg, established in his analysis throughout the 1930’s that cancer solely lives in associate “acidic” surroundings,  like most different bacterium. when Otto War burg down the chemical element level by thirty fifth during a healthy cell, it became cancerous.

Why is that this not public knowledge that cancer cannot exist in associate “alkaline body”?

Simply place – “Power, Lies, Greed and Profit”.

Natural Cancer Treatments:

Most palmy “natural cancer treatments” involve five main activities:

• Assess the patients “Lifestyle Choices” and build the acceptable changes (stop smoking, as associate example)

• hospital ward and cleanse the body of significant metals and toxic toxins

• Adopt a Diet that leads to establishing a rather “alkaline” inner body tract

• Establish a “natural nutrient” supplementation programme that features all of the mandatory nutrients that the body wants on a routine to operate at its peak

• Boosting the system to perform at its peak the least bit times

Alternative cancer treatments have cured several, several cancer patients, together with several advanced willpower patients!! however even those that don’t survive can have a better quality of life,  their life are often extended considerably, they will be in less pain, and so on.” As associate example of the effectiveness of other cancer treatments take into account that the late Dr. William D. Kelley, a medical practitioner by coaching, used various cancer  treatments to treat quite thirty three,000 cancer patients. He used special diets, chemical process enzymes, and different natural substances. He was ready to cure quite ninetieth of the freshly diagnosed cancer patients UN agency visited him 1st. Now take into account that the choice cancer treatments of these days AR so much stronger than the Kelley protocol as a result of Dr. Kelley failed to have access to several of the product that ar currently offered.””All of  why various cancer treatments can have a thirty times higher true cure rate than orthodox cancer treatments. various cancer treatments  TARGET cancer cells or they are doing no damage to non-cancerous cells.Thus, various cancer treatments are often utilized in a lot of, a lot of higher doses than orthodox cancer  treatments and therefore they will be much more effective.

Cancer Clinics:

It is unfortunate that several governments have unlawful all styles of natural cancer treatments, sometimes stressed from the Pharmaceutical trade lobbyists. Most of those extremely palmy practitioners, have moved their clinics to United Mexican States, or in some cases to Europe. Webster covers several of those clinics and also the services they provide.

Finally – Bill Henderson asks the Question, “Would you settle for the subsequent ‘odds’? “

“If a tumor is found early and removed, it’ll not get or seem elsewhere regarding five hundredth of the time. Once a cancer has metastasized
therapy and/or radiation can heal it for good solely regarding three-dimensional of the time. i do not like those odds and wouldn’t settle for them.

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