The Top Natural Headache Remedies Proven Effective

Many people who experience the pain of headaches or migraines are reaching out for natural remedies, as they would prefer to avoid taking drugs or medications.

A headache is defined as a continuous pain in the head, whether it’s a chronic daily tension headache caused by muscle contractions or it’s a full blown migraine. A migraine is a throbbing, pounding pain that can last from a few hours to a few days. It can come from sensitivity to noise or light and often has an aspect of nausea or stomach upset.

Aside from over the counter drugs or prescription medications, there are a number of natural headache remedies that have been shown in studies to be effective. Here are some of the most studied ones and the chart below has some additional options.

B vitamins

In a study from Griffith University in Brisbane Australia, scientists studied 52 people diagnosed with migraines. They were split into two groups and one half received a daily dose of B vitamins that included 25 milligrams of B6, 2 milligrams of folic acid (vitamin B9), and 400 micrograms of B12, After six months, there was a significant lessening of migraine disability and
symptoms from 60% to 30%. No reduction was seen in the placebo group.

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Key benefits of Vitamin B

1.Essential for energy production.
2.May help with healthy nerve transmission.Essential for energy production.
3.May help support new cell growth.
4.Helps sustain healthy brain function
5.Nutritionally plans an important role in virtually every healthy chemical process in your body


The powerful active ingredient in Cayenne pepper is thought as chemical irritant. it’s well-known for its ability to remedy pain and inflammation. One study on chemical irritant for headache relief was printed within the Clinical Journal of Pain. The researchers noted that chemical irritant inhibits Substance P within the body, that could be a substance that helps transmit pain signals. Substance P could be a a part of what creates feelings of pain and chemical irritant helps to get rid of it. The study found that once chemical irritant was applied locally to the nasal passages, the participants found relief for headaches, whereas those taking the placebo did not. chemical irritant is on the market as a pill, skin cream or nasal spray.

Gluten free diet

In the search natural remedies for headaches, scientists have researched whether or not or not there is a affiliation between cephalalgia headaches and also the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. protein could be a protein-like substance that provides the dough from grains its elastic texture. One study from the journal “Neurology” discovered that feeding a diet brought relief from migraines to nine out of ten of the participants. This results in the likelihood that foods containing protein will bring about headaches.


Studies have found that individuals with cephalalgia headaches have low concentrations of metallic element in their body. The word “cephalalgia” virtually suggests that head pain or headache. during a German study of eighty one cephalalgia patients printed within the journal “Cephalalgia”, forty two % of the folks taking oral metallic element reduced each the period and intensity of their cephalalgia attacks. They conjointly reduced their reliance on medications to regulate migraines.

Natural headache remedies are often a decent 1st defense against headaches and migraines and may facilitate one avoid sturdy medications that may keep company with aspect effects.

Magnesium could be a mineral that’s vital for traditional bone structure within the body. folks get metallic element from their diet, however typically metallic element supplements square measure required if metallic element levels square measure too low. Dietary intake of metallic element could also be low, significantly among ladies. metallic element deficiency is additionally not uncommon among African Americans and also the old. Low metallic element levels within the body are joined to diseases like pathology, high pressure level, clogged arteries, hereditary heart condition, diabetes, and stroke.

An easy thanks to keep in mind foods that square measure smart metallic element sources is to assume fiber. Foods that square measure high in fiber square measure usually high in metallic element. Dietary sources of metallic element embrace legumes, whole grains, vegetables (especially broccoli, squash, and inexperienced bifoliate vegetables), seeds, and crackers (especially almonds). alternative sources embrace dairy farm merchandise, meats, chocolate, and coffee. Water with a high mineral content, or “hard” water, is additionally a supply of metallic element.

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