How to prevent black Fungus infection | 7 ways

prevent black Fungus infection

Don’t panic around the world.  This virus has again given birth to a new disease called black fungus.  Black fungus has created new panic in Corona.  Although he recovered from corona, many have fallen prey to black fungus. This disease is especially noticeable in people who are being given steroids or have been in hospital for a long time during coronary heart disease. This disease is also seen in diabetic patients.

Having this infection from a fungus.  Black fungus can also spread from untidy hospitals.  This requires cleanliness from the beginning. The inside of the mouth also needs to be kept clean. According to dentists, this type of infection can be avoided by keeping the inside of the mouth clean.

In addition to the symptoms around the eyes, nasal congestion, headache, some problems can be seen inside the mouth. And so doctors are telling you to take care of the inside of the mouth from the very beginning.

Coronary heart disease is caused by steroids and a variety of medications that increase the amount of bacteria in the mouth.  That's why dentists recommend brushing your teeth two to three times a day.  If necessary, you are asked to use oral clean up.After recovering from the corona, if the test report is negative, the doctors are advising to change the old brush and use a new toothbrush.  At the same time, you have to wash your face several times a day. Those who have recovered from Corona should not keep their own brush in the same place with the brushes of others in the family.  In addition, the tongue should be cleaned with a scraper.

The US Centers for Disease Control says it is difficult to avoid areas where the fungus is present.  Doctors say that the fungi that cause mucormycosis are very common in the environment.  However, those with weakened immune systems may take steps to reduce the risk of mucomycosis infection.

These are highlighted-

 1.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, says avoiding areas where there is a lot of dust.  If it is not possible to avoid those places, then use N95 mask.

 2.  Avoid direct contact with installations that have been damaged by water due to natural disasters.  The CDC says there could be fungal infections from these places.

 3.  Keep an eye on the skin of the body so that there is no infection.  If it is cut somewhere or the skin is raised, care should be taken so that it does not come in contact with dust and dirt.

 4.  In case of covid-19 patients, diabetes should be controlled as per the advice of the doctor.

 5.  The patient should be careful when using steroids.  The use of steroids by a professor of respiratory medicine at Bardem Hospital can make diabetes uncontrollable.  As a result, the risk of infection with black fungus is higher.

6. Maintain cleanliness while giving oxygen to the patient.

7. Maintain cleanliness when using masks

The US Centers for Disease Control says that taking precautionary measures to prevent mucomycosis infections is not yet fully proven.

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